from Dream by Black Forest



I thought I had seen the first rays of light,
yet these woods remain oppressive and dark at night.
These visions of glowing eyes in the darkness
make me question my own sanity!

I feel as if this forest has a grip on my mind,
the lines between dream and reality twined -
like a curse urging me to find
the place where I can leave all this behind...

The ghostly light of the moon will guide
my way out of this deep and dark forest.
Touched by the light, I feel the burden on my mind
is slowly starting to fade...

The dark creatures now giving way to spirits,
dancing in the ghostly glow of the moon.
The shadows of glowing eyes in the darkness
flickering around a snowy dune.
And the spirits, controlled by an unknown power,
guiding my way towards dawn;
I think, the path of my journey keeps going on.

But I have to keep wandering,
struggling through this eternal fight.
In the distance thousands of colors emerge,
falling from reflections of the moonlight.

A light shimmering through the forest leaves,
so subtle and pale yet with an eerie presence.
The haunting eyes from the darkness
still following my path through the night.
And out in the night,
I see the source of the light;
but in this deceiving forest
the end is not yet in sight.


from Dream, released March 3, 2018
Music by T. Reichhart
Lyrics by F. Moik / T. Reichhart


all rights reserved



Black Forest Vienna, Austria

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